Isomaltulose: discover the secrets



Isomaltulose is a natural product and is extracted from beet sugar through an enzymatic process. Isomaltulose is naturally present in honey and sugar cane juice. Its sweetening power is slightly less than that of normal household sugar.


As a carbohydrate, isomaltulose belongs to the group of disaccharides. As with granulated white sugar, the individual components are glucose and fructose. Although isomaltulose and sucrose have the same caloric value of 4 kcal per gram, using isomaltulose as a sweetener has distinct advantages:

the individual components – glucose and fructose- in isomaltulose have stronger bonds than in sucrose. Thanks to this special type of bond, the body can only slowly break down isomaltulose. The blood sugar levels and therefore the insulin levels only rise very slowly. In other words, blood sugar spikes do not occur as they do after eating normal sugar. The very slow rise in levels of glucose means that energy is available to the body over a longer period of time, which plays a vital role not only on physical but also on mental performance.

Isomaltulose is not cariogenic, therefore making it a “dental friendly” sugar.

Isomaltulose is well-tolerated by diabetics and does not work as a laxative.


Isomaltulose is easily soluble, has a neutral tasting sweetness and can be used, like normal sugar, for sweetening and baking.

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