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gluten free


Discover our large Gourmet Box.

This box really is full of goodness: 10 Balance products for guilt-free indulgence at home or on-the-go. Of course, you will profit from the unique isomaltulose effect. Look forward to a big box of flavour sensations and to that typical balanced feeling, even after eating. Perfect reading for a relaxing break: our Balance flyer gives your employees an overview of Balances’ benefits and all the delicious products that are available from this great range. Look forward to: 115 g Vegetable Bouillon KITCHEN GARDEN 25g sachet of DELICIOUSLY DARK GRAVY 25g sachet of FINE WHITE SAUCE 25g portion Tomato Sauce & Soup “DOLCE VITA” 1 serving of Soup-er Snack “PEA-LICIOUS” 1 serving of Soup-er Snack “BEETROOT KISS” 1 serving of Soup-er Snack “MUSHROOM MANIA” 1 serving of Soup-er Snack “El GAZPACHO” 1 portion AMORE POMODORE Salad Dressing 1 portion of GARDEN HERBS Salad Dressing Large Gourmet Box for the special price of only € 9,90 – Save over 17 % with this set.

No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

The isomaltulose effect

All GEFRO Balance products strictly forgo the use of normal crystal sugar (so called sucrose), flour and starch. Isomaltulose, which we use instead of crystal sugar, enters the bloodstream noticeably slower than sugar. The blood sugar level rises less harshly and also falls less severely than after consuming normal sugary foods. Thus, the metabolism runs noticeably more balanced. The body can use the available energy for longer, concentration improves and the typical fatigue signs of the “lunchtime lull” generally disappear. Find out more…