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lactose free



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Der Isomaltuloseeffekt
With isomaltulose effect
Keeps the blood sugar level balanced.
Enters the bloodstream slower
Mit Herz
Naturally in Balance!
Without added sugar,
flour and starch.
Ohne Palmfett

Typically exotic flavours

Asia isn’t only uniquely seductive in culinary terms. It is also the continent on which people deal more consciously with the topic of balance than any other place in the world. We have combined a bit of both in our TASTE OF ASIA Soup-er Snack just for you. In addition to plenty of fine vegetables, you can look forward to the typical exotic flavours, herbs and spices of Asia (for example, fine coriander, specially selected turmeric and the finest ginger). And enjoy how delicious staying naturally in balance can be, no matter when and where you want to take a quick, delicious soup break.


Simply mix with boiling water:

  • Empty the contents of the bag into a cup
  • fill with boiling water (200 ml)
  • stir thoroughly and enjoy!

No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

The isomaltulose effect

All GEFRO Balance products strictly forgo the use of normal crystal sugar (so called sucrose), flour and starch. Isomaltulose, which we use instead of crystal sugar, enters the bloodstream noticeably slower than sugar. The blood sugar level rises less harshly and also falls less severely than after consuming normal sugary foods. Thus, the metabolism runs noticeably more balanced. The body can use the available energy for longer, concentration improves and the typical fatigue signs of the “lunchtime lull” generally disappear. Find out more…