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A knife that wins over even master chefs!

Carving meat, fish and poultry, but also fruit and vegetables, is a fine art. The GEFRO Carving Knife makes learning this art possible – even for hobby cooks. The smooth, stainless steel blade makes it significantly easier to cut meat into thin pieces, stopping roasts from shredding, for example. Precious juices stay where they should stay – inside the meat.

Guaranteed quality:

  • stainless steel blade
  • non-slip, ergonomic plastic handle, hygienic and sturdy
  • dishwasher-safe
  • blade length 15 cm

Swiss precision

Cutting something skilfully always begins by using a good-quality knife. When it comes sharp edges that last a long time, GEFRO’s Carving Knife is a Swiss precision product that meets your every need.

Clean cut

Whether you’re carving or cutting meats, roasts, fish, poultry, served raw or roasted, a smooth, clean cut is required to stop meat from being shredded and to lock in the juices that are normally lost when cutting meats and roasts in particular. With the highly practical GEFRO Carving Knife, you’ll be able to pass this test with flying colours.

The GEFRO Carving Knife is perfect for clean, smooth cuts, especially when carving crispy, juicy roasts and cuts of meat as well as poultry. This knife makes cutting meat into strips or large cubes of raw meat easy and handy, for example, for a crisp, fresh salad with turkey strips or a goulash – the large smooth-edge blade is uniformly sharp across the entire length of the blade and can chop large pieces of meat with one solid, clean cut. Ham and roast beef are effortlessly cut into thin slices with the smooth blade.

Sturdy and safe

A good knife however is characterised not only by being sharp but also by being easy to use. The sturdy, ergonomic plastic handle adapts to the natural shape of the hand, making sure you have a firm and safe grip on the sharp knife. With its anti-slip materials, fingers are prevented from slipping from the handle into the blade.

TIPS: frequent re-sharpening of the blade keeps the knife sharp and prevents it from becoming dull. Thanks to special technology, the safe and easy-to-handle GEFRO Knife Sharpener is suitable for both smooth blades as well as for serrated-edge knives and always ensures that your knives are kept sharp – for long-lasting enjoyment of kitchen instruments.

To stop blades from becoming rusty (brown spots), only put high-quality GEFRO knives and cutlery in the dishwasher with other items made from rust-free stainless steel.

Highest Swiss quality and functionality

As with our entire range of knives and cutlery, the sleek GEFRO Tomato Knife is also made by the renowned Swiss knife manufacturer Victorinox. This family-owned enterprise, headquartered in Ibach-Schwyz, enjoys international acclaim thanks to the high level of quality, functionality and the timeless, classic design of the products it develops. With the invention of the legendary Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife in 1884, Karl Elsener laid the foundations for the success story of VICTORINOX AG.