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Seal food in bags to lock in the flavours and vital substances: with a holding capacity of 1.5 litres, you’ve got just the right amount of space to store food with GEFRO Boil-a-Bags and Freezer Bags.

GEFRO Boil-a-Bags and Freezer Bags are great for storing and freezing various foods. Freezing is a way of preserving food for longer. Freezable foods are frozen at a temperature of -18°C and stored in a freezer or refrigerator’s freezing compartment. Frozen foods can be stored for periods of 3 to 12 months, depending on the type of food.

Foods that are suitable for freezing include vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, fruits, herbs, hard cheese, bread and baked goods, cake or home-cooked food products, butter, whipped cream.

Foods that are less suitable for freezing include milk and milk products such as yoghurt, sour milk, sour cream or crème fraîche, eggs (only eggs separated into yolks and whites or whisked can be well frozen) and fruit and vegetables that contain a lot of water (e.g. cucumbers, lettuce, grapes, raw whole apples, tomatoes, watermelon, radishes).

In general, the following applies:

  • Only freeze fresh food or herbs
  • Clean, wash and chop fruit and vegetables before freezing
  • Blanch vegetables before freezing, i.e. briefly immerse vegetables in boiling water (max. 4-5 min.) and then rinse the vegetables in cold water before freezing. Blanching locks in the tasty flavour of the vegetables and prevents vitamins from degenerating. It also stops the vegetables from losing colour
  • Freeze berries individually
  • this will stop the berries from sticking together in the bag
  • Label the bag with the date (packaging or expiration date), content and quantity.

Fruit Remove the stone from the fruit before freezing to lock in the flavour of the flesh (the stone can make the pulp taste bitter.) Frozen fruit lasts about 8 to 12 months.

Meat All meat and poultry are suitable for freezing. Only marinated pieces of meat (e.g. marinated grilled steaks) should not be frozen. Depending on the type of meat, the frozen meat can last 3 to 12 months.

Vegetables Clean, wash and chop fruit and vegetables before freezing. Please refer to the section above: ‘In general, the following applies:’. Frozen vegetables last approx. 6 to 12 months.

Mushrooms Mushrooms can be frozen raw. With certain types of mushrooms, however, it is advisable to chop the mushrooms and blanch them before freezing them. Please refer to the section above: ‘In general, the following applies:’. Mushrooms can be frozen up to 12 months.

Herbs Parsley, chives, marjoram, oregano, mint, rosemary, sage, chervil, dill – almost all kinds of herbs are perfect for freezing. It’s best to freeze herbs in small portions. One solution is to put the chopped herbs in an ice cube tray and fill with water. When needed, you can then take a frozen cube of herbs and add it to food. Don’t defrost the herbs. Put them into the food in frozen form. If you defrost them, they lose their flavour.