Gourmet Cream of Pumpkin Soup

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With an extra portion of vitamins

Do you also like eating cream of pumpkin soup? In earlier times you could only make it in the autumn, but now you can enjoy it all year round! GEFRO’s delicious Gourmet Cream of Pumpkin Soup makes it all possible!

Made from the best pumpkins and mixed with carrots and courgettes – with an extra serving of vitamins – this is one cream soup you’re going to definitely want to try.

This fine vegan cream of pumpkin soup is carefully made with select ingredients (34% vegetables) and is particularly easy to digest. It also makes an excellent base for home-made soups.


  • Whisk half a litre of warm water with 50 g powder (3 heaped tablespoons), bring to the boil and simmer for approx. 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Soon the fine and delicious Gourmet Cream of Pumpkin Soup will be ready to enjoy.

TIPP: use some milk or skimmed milk instead of water. The more milk you use, the creamier the soup will be with only a few calories.

No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

Pumpkin season is Soup season

Gourmets and lovers of this aromatic fruit know that the pumpkin, which is originally native to South America, has its main season from September to November. During this time, a seemingly endless variety of shapes and colours can be harvested. The pumpkin’s fleshy pulp ranges in taste from slightly nutty (Red kuri squash) to a fine aroma reminiscent of sweet chestnuts (Delicata), not to mention sweet and dry (Hubbard squash), or even sweet and fruity smelling, as is typical of the Musquée de Provence pumpkin.

It’s exactly the pulp’s yummy and aromatic taste that helped the pumpkin to become a part of our food culture and allow it to grow in popularity. The pumpkin can be prepared in a number of diverse ways: recipes with pumpkin always seem a little more sophisticated and flavourful.

Full of flavour, full of vitamins

Our richly flavoured, vegan GEFRO Gourmet Cream of Pumpkin Soup is just right for those who want to indulge in this soup more than just when pumpkin is in season and who also want to have an extra-large portion of vitamins.

In addition to crisp vegetables, such as carrots and courgettes (34% vegetable content), the authentic-tasting GEFRO Cream of Pumpkin Soup contains a selected mix of vitamins, ranging from Vitamin E, C, D as well as B1, B2, B6 and B12, which fit perfectly into health-conscious cooking.

This well-balanced cocktail of vitamins supports our body in many ways and promotes good health – our body’s defences are activated, calcium intake is promoted and we are given a boost of energy.

Creamy-light Pumpkin Soup

Healthy ingredients combined with a deliciously creamy and light velvety taste make this soup impossible to top. This rich and luxuriously creamy flavour was only possible until now with the help of a lot of heavy cream. For our Gourmet cream soups, we especially developed a vegetable-based ‘creamer’ to guarantee an intense, creamy taste! In other words, a rich and smooth taste without the high-fat cream – for pure indulgence without any of the guilt.

The GEFRO Cream of Pumpkin Soup is a delectable part of any well-balanced meal, making us feel well all round.

TIPS: if instead of using water, you use part milk (e.g. low-fat milk) when making the cream soups, they’ll turn out even creamier and richer. Try it yourself and have fun cooking your soups. Bon appétit!

The large Musquée de Provence pumpkin or butternut squash are great for carving Halloween decorations to be put in the garden or on your patio. Have fun!