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Other Products

Other products

You think you already know all our delicious products? Then think again. True to the motto “Only the best products for our customers”, GEFRO has a lot more to offer: for example, the Mediterranean taste sensation that is our Aceto Balsamico, diverse high-quality oils, pestos, high-fibre pasta, GEFRO’s rice specialities, veggie burgers and bread spreads… enjoy your meal!

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250ml only 11.90

190g only 5.90

100g = 3.11 €

1g only 9.80








750ml only 5.90

1 l = 7.87 €

500ml only 7.50

1 l = 15.00 €

750ml only 4.80

1 l = 6.40 €

750ml only 4.80

1 l = 6.40 €

1kg only 6.40

100 g = 0.64 €








367g only 9.90

450g only 12.90

100 g = 2.86 €

750g only 8.70

100 g = 1.16 €

700g only 6.90

100 g = 0.99 €

500g only 5.90

100 g = 1.18 €

150g only 4.90

100 g = 1.63 €

2500g only 10.80



Simply order and enjoy

With its distinctive soups, sauces and seasonings, GEFRO has long been the favourite of all households, foodies and chefs who just like cooking delicious food and want to eat healthy.

Fabulous whole wheat pasta, GEFRO’s Veggie Patties – delicious vegetarian patties that come in three fine varieties, the omega-3 cooking oil with a very high content of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, GEFRO’s 100% vegetable fat, the popular sweet whey powder – a large serving of vitamins and minerals for better health and well-being, the delicious vegetarian sandwich spread and the beneficial forest and blossom honey from GEFRO complement the healthy product range of GEFRO.

Useful household items

Should you not already have one in your kitchen drawer, why not discover GEFRO’s legendary kitchen knife for yourself. Use the convenient boil-a-bags and freezer bags to gently cook and/or freeze food without your food getting freezer burn. The compact mini kitchen set features GEFRO’s ten most popular products – it’s the perfect gift for yourself or for others as a starter pack to equip a new home, camper van or holiday home. With the GEFRO gift pack, you don’t only benefit from the six selected original GEFRO products but you also make big savings!


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