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GEFRO Vegetable Bouillon & All-round Seasoning 1000 g

Gourmet Cream of Vegetable Soup 600g = 5 l / 20 bowls

Gourmet Cream of Leek Soup 500 g

Gourmet Cream of Pumpkin Soup 500g

Tomato Sauce and Soup 600 g = 5 l sauce / 40 bowls

Cream of Mushroom Soup 400 g

Potato Soup 600 g


Tomato Sauce and Soup 600 g = 5 l sauce / 40 bowls

Dark Gravy 600 g

White Creamy Sauce 600 g

Dark Gravy with Mushrooms 300 g

Meat-free Bolognese Sauce 600 g


GEFRO Vegetable Bouillon & All-round Seasoning 1000 g

Spice Blend "Sweet Pepper & Chilli" 180 g

Red Saffron Threads 1g

Spice Blend "Pepper Mix with Garlic & Herbs" 180 g

Salad Seasoning 400 g

Seasoning for Meat Dishes 300 g

Herb Seasoning 250 g

Dietetic Seasoning & Bouillon 250 g


Organic Vegetable Bouillon 400 g

Organic Tomato Sauce and Soup 400 g

Organic Bolognese Sauce 400g

Organic Dark Gravy 400g

Organic White Sauce 400 g

Organic Hollandaise Sauce 340 g

Organic Herb Seasoning 150 g

Organic Spice Blend "Bella Italia" 250 g

Organic Spice Blend "Indian Curry" 100g

Organic Spice Blend "Mexico Chili" 100g

Organic Spice Blend "African Style" 100 g

Organic 4 Pack of Seasonings


Vegetable Bouillon KITCHEN GARDEN 350 g

Tomato Sauce & Soup DOLCE VITA 350g

Soup-er Snack VEGGIE LOVE Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack TOTALLY TOMATO Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack TASTE OF ASIA Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack EL GAZPACHO Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack "PEA-LICIOUS" Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack "MUSHROOM MANIA" Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack "BEETROOT KISS" Set of 6 à 250 ml

Soup-er Snack MULTIPACK, Set of 7

Fine WHITE SAUCE 350 g

Deliciously DARK GRAVY 350 g

AMORE POMODORE Salad Dressing 270 g

GARDEN HERBS Salad Dressing 270 g

GEFRO Balance Gourmet Box

Balance Set "Take a Break"

Knives & Co.

Set of 6 x GEFRO Tomato Knife + 1 additional Tomato Knife for free

Vegetable Knife serrated blade

Set of 6 x Steak knife + 90 g "Sweet Pepper Chili" for free

Carving Knife

Bread Knife

Knife Sharpener


Set of 6x GEFRO Spoon + 130 g Salad Seasoning for free

Premium Knife Set

Knife Set: Veggie Star

Knife Set: Hobby Cook

Knife Set: Kitchen Magic

Knife Set: Pro Chef

Cooking Oils and Fat

(Deep) Frying Oil 750 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Omega-3 Cooking Oil 750 ml

Safflower Oil

Vegetable Fat 1 kg

Other products

Omega Seed and Nut Mix 190g

Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP 250 ml

GEFRO Soup Mugs, Set of 4

Veggie Patties Grains & Leek 250 g

Veggie Patties Pepper Steak 250 g

Veggie Patties "Mexican Style" 250 g

All Three: 3 x Veggie Patties 250 g

Pesto Rosso 150 g

Pesto Funghi 150 g

Pesto Verde 150 g

Set of Three Pestos

Sweet Whey Powder 700 g

Forest and Blossom Honey 500 g

Vegetarian Spreads Combo Pack 300 g

Tagliatelle 500 g

Paella Gemüse 280 g

Mushroom Risotto

Risotto Basilikum-Nuss 280g

Risotto-Set gemischt* =

Special offer Packages

Soup Set

Sauce Set

Seasoning Set

Salad Set

Grill Set

GEFROs Top 10

Italian Gourmet Pack

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