Pesto 3er-Set* (Verde, Rosso,Funghi)

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Ohne Palmfett

A classic, in three aromatic flavours

Aromatic herb pesto made with fresh herbs and spices, classical pine nuts and mature hard cheese. A little water and GEFRO Olive Oil and your yummy food sensation is ready! An ideal treat for pasta, as a Mediterranean spread, or for marinating, seasoning and adding flavour.


  • Firstly, add 5 ml water (1 tsp) to 10 g powder (1 tbsp) first and then add 15 ml oil (2 tablespoons). Mix well.

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No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

Full-flavoured aroma of sun-ripened tomatoes

If it’s Italian flavour you want, then GEFRO Pesto Rosso is the way to go. It’s rich aroma of sun-ripened tomatoes is perfectly rounded off with the fine, herbal-savoury flavour of parsley, basil and oregano. The unmistakable flavour of the highly aromatic pesto perfects sauces for an array of pasta dishes – choose your pasta highlight form our healthy, vegan GEFRO High-Fibre Pasta range.

The diverse tomato-herb pesto is not only great with pasta dishes. With its sunny, fruity aroma, Pesto Rosso adds a special touch to meat or poultry casseroles, vegetables, pizza, yoghurt dips, salads, fine sea-food dishes, rice, raw vegetable snacks, soups, tomato sauces, etc., etc.

Enjoy, for example, delicious Mediterranean muffins or how about chive crepes with ham and Pesto Rosso? For fans of hearty dishes, try crispy-fried steak sticks with curry potatoes, made with our Indian curry mix: Organic Spice Blend “Indian Curry”. And it’s quick to prepare too: simply add some water and oil to 10g powder, stir well and enjoy the sunny, full-flavoured Pesto Rosso.

Try GEFROs popular pestos in two more, equally delicious flavours: GEFRO Pesto Verde and GEFRO Pesto Funghi. All three are available in a practical set, for the great price of €12.90 – making diversity and flavour a breeze in your kitchen. That’s the GEFRO way!

TIP: as a topping, sprinkle GEFRO Omega Seed&Nut Mix or some finely grated Parmesan over the pestos.