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Delicious and meat-free

Eating a highly nutritious and low-meat diet is wise. Our GEFRO Veggie Patties offer you delicious, savoury substitutes to meat dishes in the following flavours: “Pepper Steak” (vegan), "Mexican Style" (vegan) and Grains & Leek (vegetarian).


  • Mix the package contents with 150 ml of warm water (please measure), stir and let sit for 10 minutes. Heat GEFRO Vegetable Fat or GEFRO Cooking Oil in the frying pan, take approx. 1 tablespoon of batter for each piece and flatten – similar to potato pancakes – and cook at medium heat until golden brown and crispy on both sides. Delicious! Variations: If you wish to use an egg, please reduce the amount of water accordingly. They can be made crispy by sprinkling some sesame or sunflower seeds on the one side before flipping it in the frying pan. Add variety to your favourite dishes with all GEFRO sauces for pasta and rice.

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No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

Savoury, aromatic flavour

Leek, savoury cheese, green spelt and potato flakes, fine sea salt, spelt and wheat semolina, together with spelt flakes and marjoram, and a selection of well-blended spices give these patties their savoury, aromatic flavour. Their content of nutritionally valuable carbohydrates, protein and fibres make them an important supplier of energy and power for the body.

Whether its crunchy leek patties with artichokes and sweet pepper or simply served with fresh salad that has been perfectly seasoned with GEFRO Organic Herb Seasoning or GERO Organic Spice Blend “Bella Italia”, GEFROs vegetarian Grains & Leek Patties always go down well. Discover the great taste of GEFRO Veggie Patties “Pepper Steak”, or GEFRO Veggie Patties “Mexican Style” too. Whether served with vegetables, rice, potatoes or GEFRO High-Fibre Pasta, these patties bring diversity to your kitchen and are quickly and easily prepared. Give them an individual touch by seasoning with GEFRO Pepper Mix, Organic Spice Blend “Africa Style”, or “Indian Curry”.

TIP: with GEFROs Dark Gravy, Creamy White Sauce or Dark Gravy with Mushrooms, you will always have the perfect sauce for your patties- for even more variety.