Vegan or vegetarian?

Vegetarian or Vegan?

What is vegetarian and vegan?

Vegetarians are people who abstain from eating meat and by-products from animal slaughter. Vegetarians may eat products produced by living animals, such as eggs, honey, milk etc., although many choose to abstain from some, or all of these products.
There are different forms of vegetarianism, which include or exclude various foods:



Not consumed


Plant-derived foods, eggs

Meat, fish, milk and milk products


Plant-derived foods, milk and milk products

Meat, fish and eggs

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

Plant-derived foods, milk, milk products and eggs

Meat and fish


Plant-derived foods

Meat, fish, milk, milk products, eggs, honey

Vegans abstain from consuming all foods that originate from animals. Honey is included in this group, leaving a purely vegetable-based diet.  Most vegans also abstain from using any items that originate from animals, for example leather.

GEFRO products are generally suitable for a vegetarian diet. Some GEFRO products contain lactose. These products are suitable for a vegetarian diet, but not for vegan diets.

For simplified differentiation, the products are all marked as being “vegetarian” or “vegan”. This information is displayed directly on the product pages in our online shop and it is also visible on the product packaging.

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