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Fisch & Meer Würzmischung 100g

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Spicing things up!

A fine fish meal is truly a delight that not only tastes great, but also give a certain maritime holiday feeling.
We have captured this mood in our “Fish & Seafood” Spice Mix and blended finest Mediterranean herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary, and oregano, a hint of lemon, piquant fennel, garlic, sea salt and pepper.
Sea bream, plaice, trout, redfish, carp, pikeperch, salmon and co. all taste delicious, whether eaten whole or served as fillets. With GEFRO’s “Fish& Seafood” Spice Mix, you can finely and aromatically enhance your favourite fish dish with a fine, fresh flavour.
A seafood cocktail with prawns, lobster, crabs and co. can be as easily enriched as a classic French bouillabaisse, a creamy crab soups with shrimps, thick and tasty chowder, or a flavoursome fish salad.

Tip: we recommend using a mild olive oil such as GEFRO’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra for grilled fish dishes, and GEFRO’S (Deep) Frying Oil for fried or baked fish dishes. Top off your dish with some finely hacked fresh dill and/or parsley and a slice of lemon.

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hydrogenated fats

Nice catch!

From fine fillets, to calamari, scampi, sushi, fried herring, there’s no question about it – fish is a delicacy that tastes great in so many variations. A delicious example are fish rolls – simply put fried herring, battered cod or whiting, prawns, scampi or smoked salmon into a Ciabatta roll, season to taste with a little GEFRO “Fish & Seafood Spice Mix”, top it off with some lettuce, mayonnaise as desired, take a bite and enjoy!

Equally simple and quick to prepare are fresh mixed salads with mixed lettuce, prawns, salmon, tuna, or smoked or pickled herring.

How about a fishcake, so quick and easy to prepare using salmon, left over potatoes and bread crumbs for a fast and easy lunch.
And let’s not forget the children’s favourite – fish fingers. Serve them up with some homemade potato wedges seasoned with GEFRO Fried Potato Spice Mix for a tasty meal that will go down well with everyone in the family.

Fish fillets are so versatile in use. A particularly fine fish is sea bass, also known as “Loup de mer”. The queen of seafood - the scallop, is also a fine maritime treat. Currently highly popular and also versatile is sushi, prepared with rice, raw salmon fillet and – if desired tuna fish or other delicacies from the ocean.

Or why not try Mussels, crab, squid, or prawns, for a South Sea flair that tastes great, whether fried in the pan, grilled or deep-fried.

Whatever fish you choose and whichever way you prepare your next fish dish, GEFRO’s “Fish & Seafood Spice Mix” will bring out the best in your fish dish with herbs and spices that perfectly suit the flavour of fish and seafood. Try it out today.

Tips for buying fresh fish

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of enjoying the fish, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying it. Take a particularly close look at the eyes, gills, scales, skin and fins. If the eyes are slightly protruding, shiny and clear, the gills glow red and, like the fins, do not stick together, the scales are shiny and the skin has a clear mucus layer, this shows that the fish is fresh! Very important: fresh fish never smells like fish! Of course, fillets must also have no odour, their colour must be natural and clear, and there can be no yellowish or brown discolouration.
High quality fish can also be bought frozen. When buying, make sure that the packaging is undamaged and do not freeze fish again once it has thawed.

Frying, poaching, steaming, deep-frying fish and seafood – easier than expected

When frying fish, firstly heat a pan and then place the fish skin side down. As soon as the fish is lightly browned, turn it over and fry it with the flesh side down. A general rule is: only use a high temperature for a short sear, then finish cooking using a low heat. Incidentally, fish and seafood can be fried with or without breadcrumbs, battered or naturally. Especially with thin, tender fillet slices, it is sufficient to lightly flour the fillet pieces or to place them in the pan “au natural”, then season with GEFRO "Fish & Seafood" Spice Mix. The same applies to seafood.
Both fish fillets and seafood are suitable for deep-frying. For a really crunchy bite, the fish should either be rubbed thinly with a classic flour/egg breadcrumb coating or a little batter (beer batter goes great with fish) or lightly floured before being fried in hot oil.
Tip: season the chips for England’s the secret national dish Fish & Chips with GEFRO Fried Potato Spice Mix. Delicious!

For poaching, make a broth of water with ingredients of your choice (e.g. juniper berries, cloves, bay leaf, leek, spring onions, etc.) and then place the fish in the broth, which is no longer boiling, so that it is completely covered with liquid and can cook. To prepare a "blue trout", boil up some white wine vinegar and add it to the broth - the vinegar turns the fish skin a beautiful blue.

Gentle steaming ensures that the fishes’ fantastic flavour, that nutrients and vitamins are preserved, that it remains nice and juicy and especially tender fish meat does not fall apart during preparation. For steaming, you need a steamer or simply a pot with a strainer insert into which either the whole fish or the fillet piece fit well. Fill the pot with the prepared stock, add the steamer insert with the fish so that is lies over the slightly simmering liquid and ensure that it does not touch the stock - the fish can thus cook gently in the rising steam with the pot lid well closed. Prawns & co. also stay nice and tender when steamed.

GEFRO Vegetable Bouillon is the perfect base for a broth when poaching or steaming.

Grilled fish – the ultimate discipline

Grilling fish demands the ultimate in barbecuing skills. It tastes incredibly good and is fun to prepare – in other words, it’s a must-do for barbecue fans. Here are a few tips to ensure it all goes well. Cut into the fish skin, best done in a criss-cross manner. This not only looks good, but also allows the fish to cook evenly.
Fine, lean fish is best wrapped (e.g. in banana leaves, tin foil, wood wraps), or whole firm-fleshed fish in special grilling baskets, whereas small prawns and scampi grill well on skewers. Squid rings, mussels & co. can be placed in barbecue trays, whereas lobster or larger squid arms or “tubes” can shortly be placed directly on the grill.
A basic rule states: marinade the fish so that it stays tender and don’t leave it on the grill for too long or it will become dry or even burnt. Fish and seafood cook very quickly. Important: to avoid flames jumping from the grill, avoid oily marinades dripping into the barbecue; gently dab off excess liquid before cooking or use a special grilling basket.
Tip: GEFRO’s aromatic Spice Blend “Fish & Seafood” is not only a culinary treat on fish itself, it is also great for marinades.