Dark Gravy with Mushrooms

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With exquisite mushrooms

Our GEFRO Savoury Dark Gravy with Mushrooms is a wonderfully savoury dark sauce with the distinct taste of mushrooms. It tastes wonderful when combined with lavish game dishes, hearty roasts, steaks, schnitzels and other traditional meat dishes. It’s also a nice match for tasty potato dumplings and various pasta dishes.

When made with a splash of milk or cream: a gourmet treat for all the senses, even when served without meat.

The new and improved recipe, which uses gluten free rice flour and high-fibre inulin instead of wholegrain wheat flour, turns every meal into a culinary gluten free delight bursting with even more flavour.

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As a sauce:

  • add two tablespoons (approx. 30 g) powder to 1/4 litre water, whisk, briefly boil, simmer for 3 to 4 minutes and enjoy!

TIP: use milk instead of water. The more milk you use, the creamier the soup will be – and with only a few calories.

  • To rarefy, thicken and season existing sauces, add milk or water, stir in the corresponding amount of GEFRO Dark Gravy with Mushrooms, whisk, briefly bring to the boil and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes.

No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

Pure pleasure with our creamy mushroom sauce

Schnitzel & Co. taste twice as good with a good sauce. Examples include highly popular dishes such as ‘Steak with mushroom sauce’, wild game, juicy steaks or hearty roasts. Even delicious side dishes, such as potato dumplings, noodles, potatoes or rice, aren’t complete without the right sauce.

GEFRO Dark Gravy with Mushrooms helps round off the perfect meal. After all, this flavourful sauce is ideal for perfecting any kind of meat and side dishes. The mushrooms in particular help give the sauce its yummy flavour. Whether it’s thickening, seasoning or rarefying, this versatile, vegetarian sauce puts the final touches on existing sauces.

GEFRO – healthy variety for your kitchen

GEFRO’s Dark Gravy with Mushrooms is particularly suitable for: escalope, steak, chops, meatloaf, game, vegetarian dishes.

TIPS: use milk instead of water when preparing the soup. The more milk you use, the creamier the soup will be – and with only a few calories.

For a boost of flavour and aroma, only add freshly chopped herbs at the very end.