Tomato Sauce & Soup DOLCE VITA

BALANCE Tomatensoße/-suppe 350g
For 2,2 l sauce or 3,5 l soup (=approx. 14 bowls)

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lactose free



gluten free



Der Isomaltuloseeffekt
With isomaltulose effect
Keeps the blood sugar level balanced.
Enters the bloodstream slower
Mit Herz
Naturally in Balance!
Without added sugar,
flour and starch.
Ohne Palmfett

Intense tomato flavour

Why opt for just one good thing when you can have two at the same time? With our DOLCE VITA Tomato Sauce and Soup, having to choose “either or” is no longer a problem - our motto is to double the delight! Not only does our DOLCE VITA Tomato Sauce and Soup offer a guilt-free culinary treat and a natural feeling of well-being, thanks to its metabolically optimised recipe, it also has diverse uses in the kitchen- it can be enjoyed as a delicious soup, or also to make aromatic sauces for your favourite dishes. The name ‘Dolce Vita’ truly says it all- life is to be enjoyed! Look forward to experiencing the intense flavour of tomatoes that you would otherwise know only from a trip to Italy.


As a tomato soup:

  • add one heaped tablespoon (approx. 25 g) to 1/4 litre warm water
  • whisk and stimmer for one minute. Then enjoy!

As a tomato sauce:

  • add two tablespoons (approx. 40 g) to 1/4 litre warm water
  • whisk and simmer boil for one minute. Then enjoy!

No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

The isomaltulose effect

All GEFRO Balance products strictly forgo the use of normal crystal sugar (so called sucrose), flour and starch. Isomaltulose, which we use instead of crystal sugar, enters the bloodstream noticeably slower than sugar. The blood sugar level rises less harshly and also falls less severely than after consuming normal sugary foods. Thus, the metabolism runs noticeably more balanced. The body can use the available energy for longer, concentration improves and the typical fatigue signs of the “lunchtime lull” generally disappear. Find out more…