Aroma Oil set in 4 flavours

Aromaöle  4er-Set* (je 1 x 250ml Basilikum-,

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Mmmmh, that smells good!

Fine aromatic oil with an intense flavour. The distinctive aroma of wild garlic gives fresh salads, antipasti, pasta dishes and raw vegetable snacks a wonderfully piquant quality. This diverse macerate with its characteristic flavour also elegantly rounds off meat and fish dishes as well as fine herb dips and barbecue marinades. (No additional discounts possible on the set offers).

No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

Spoon for spoon a delight

If you like the natural fresh flavour of subtle porcini mushrooms you will fall in love with our new Porcini Mushroom Oil. Fine rapeseed oil with an irresistible porcini mushroom taste. Perfect for dressing salads and raw vegetables, and to finely season potato, pasta, rice, or egg dishes. Add it just before serving and enrich your meals with its distinctive naturally fresh porcini mushroom flavour.

The Basil Oil is a fine rapeseed oil that impresses with an invigorating aroma of fresh basil leaves. The oil is perfect for adding flavour to salads, raw fruit and vegetables and pasta dishes as well as to antipasti or for marinating and seasoning meat, fish and vegetables. Dishes are given a natural, fresh basil flavour when it is added just before serving. It is the ideal addition to delicious herbal sauces and distinctive-tasting dips.

GEFRO Rosemary Oil is also an impressive rapeseed oil which goes wonderfully with salads and much more. The fresh aroma of rosemary leaves adds a kick to grilled meats, crisp vegetables and fish alike. Treat yourself and your guests to a splendid tasting rosemary oil marinade and add a little Mediterranean flair to your home cooking!

The fine aroma of Omega-3 Wild Garlic Oil is not only similar to garlic when it comes to flavour, it also has the same healthy properties that garlic is said to have. With one distinct advantage: the penetrant smell that comes after eating garlic is not as strong with wild garlic. Refine your dishes with the flavour of fresh wild garlic.

All four aroma oils contain 7.9 g of omega-3 fatty acids per 100 ml.