Seasoning for Meat Dishes

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Unseasoned meat has little flavour. That’s why a well-balanced meat seasoning is so important for flavouring meat. Regardless of how they’re cooked, GEFRO Seasoning for Meat Dishes with 16 herbs and spices will help give your meat dishes a unique flavour.

Tip: it’s an excellent seasoning for fried potatoes, chips or spicy pasta dishes.

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“Spice Express“

Since the beginning of time, meat has always played an important and significant role in the nutrition of human beings.

The high content of protein and vitamins (vitamins from the B complex, A and D) as well as minerals such as calcium, sodium and iron make meat a very important source of energy for the human body.

With great imagination and a passion for experimentation, ancient civilisations already discovered they could extend the shelf life of this valuable food by using a mixture of salt and sodium or potassium nitrite, thereby inventing the practice of meat curing – a process used in the preservation of food even today.

Quality undoubtedly contributes to the delicious taste of a hearty piece of meat, however, the right selection of seasoning is also a determining factor in preparing the perfect meat dish. Whether grilled, stewed, roasted or cooked, whether beef, pork, lamb, game meat or tender poultry – it will taste twice as good with the right seasoning. The art of finely seasoning meat dishes starts with delicious marinades for grilled food and ends with implementing fine hints of herbs and spices to skilfully refine meats.

Sophisticated Spice Mix

With GEFRO’s vegan Seasoning for Meat Dishes even vegetarian cuisine and dishes made with meat substitutes are in the right place here.

Pepper, paprika, garlic, juniper berries, allspice, thyme, chervil, marjoram, basil, coriander, rosemary, mustard powder, nutmeg, bay leaves, cloves, caraway – a fabulous selection of 16 carefully chosen herbs and spices are the secret to this refined seasoning and give it its uniquely good taste.

Whenever meat should be the main attraction with a savoury yet piquant flavour, simply use GEFRO Seasoning for Meat Dishes – free from artificial and nature-identical flavouring. Fish and pasta dishes also benefit from this versatile and subtly spicy seasoning.

TIP: GEFRO Seasoning for Meat Dishes is also good for enhancing the flavour of sauces and side dishes or for seasoning yummy fried sliced potatoes and chips.