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lactose free

gluten free


GEFRO 100% Vegetable Fat is refined and processed from pure palm fruit pulp using state-of-the-art technology. It is particularly suitable for frying. The ideal usage temperature lies between 170 to 175°C, the temperature should not sink under 140°C.

Tip: with is its exemplary lipid distribution, GEFROs (Deep) Frying Oil is a good alternative to GEFROs 100 % Vegetable Fat, which has a comparatively higher content of saturated fatty acids.

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No genetic

No colouring and

No artificial

hydrogenated fats

Tips for tasty frying:

  • change the fat regularly
  • sieve out food scraps and floating pieces
  • with correct usage, your vegetable fat won’t be overheated and can be reused for frying in the pan

Another tip: use GEFROs Vegetable Fat instead of butter. In comparison to a normal serving, there’s 20% less fat. Even for baking, the easy-to-digest GEFRO 100% Vegetable Fat is a welcome change to conventional fat, butter or margarine.

This cooking fat is good for frying, deep frying and baking. This is particularly evident when it is used at high temperatures- it will not splatter, burn or smoke. Its smoke point is at 220° C. It is neutral in taste and contains no colouring or preservatives. Reheating, re-cooling and re-melting are possible without compromising the quality.

In its convenient bucket with re-sealable lid, GEFRO 100% Vegetable Fat has a long shelf life.

GEFRO supports the growth of RSPO certified, sustainable palm oil.

RSPO segregated means:

The palm oil from certified farming is processed separately throughout the entire supply chain. Only RSPO-certified palm oil from sustainable farming is used in the product.

The RSPO label also guarantees the following minimum standards:

  • no clearance of primary forests or ecologically valuable forest areas for plantations
  • protection of endangered animal and plant species on the plantation
  • protection of water, ground and air (that means, for example: no forest burning)
  • compliancy of legal regulations, such as land usage laws and owner rights
  • no child labour, but rather/instead education opportunities for those children living on plantations
  • inclusion and support of small farmers
  • inspections of the plantation, carried out by independent, authorized examiners
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