About us

GEFRO is a family company that has been known for its delicious, high quality soups, seasonings and sauces for three generations now. The company’s headquarters are in Memmingen, a picturesque little town in the south of Germany, very close to the famous Alps. After more than 90 years of company history, GEFRO is deeply rooted in the region: as the sponsor of the local ice hockey team, every match is visited and cheered for. GEFRO also regularly supports various charities, both close to home and farther afield.

Everything began in 1924 when the brothers Josef and Ignaz Frommlet founded the commercial partnership “Gebr. Frommlet” (Frommlet Bros.). GEFROs Vegetable Bouillon & All-round Seasoning quickly took over kitchens everywhere by storm. The reason? Word of the soup’s fine flavour and agreeableness quickly spread. But that’s not all: in co-operation with Dr. rer. nat. Rita Hein, a specialist for nutrition and diet with a PhD as a natural compound chemist, GEFRO always takes its customers’ needs into consideration when developing new products. That is why almost the entire range is gluten free and vegetarian. Most of the products are even lactose free and vegan. The natural and fine flavour however, always remains top priority. All product characteristics, such as vegan, lactose free etc. are clearly marked in the online shop, as well as on the products, so customers can be sure that only products that suit their individual dietary needs land in their shopping baskets.

The product range is constantly evolving, always in sync with current nutritional standards. GEFRO’s Balance range, for example, is aimed at providing a balanced, light feeling, more concentration and energy. This range specifically developed metabolically optimised recipes without added household (crystal) sugar, flour and starch. Instead, valuable isomaltulose is used in the products, along with the dietary fibres inulin and glucomannan (also known as konjac flour), making the Balance range the perfect base for a wholly healthy and balanced diet, helping to maintain natural harmony. Metabolically optimised and carbohydrate conscious, the Balance range perfectly embodies the current dietary trend.

GEFRO also boasts a certified organic range. Its products consist of only the finest certified organic ingredients.


The soups, sauces and seasonings must be healthy, delicious and cholesterol free, in order to meet GEFRO’s high quality standards. Quality is always GEFRO’s highest priority – why not try for yourself: simply order online and the products will be delivered right to your door. By the way, GEFRO’s online shop was voted “Top Online Shop” by its German customers, in the category food e-commerce.

GEFRO puts the fun into shopping & cooking! Tasty, good value, practical – for perfect meals every time!