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Culinary diversity
and excellent taste


In the course of our almost 100 year-long company history we at GEFRO SELECT FOOD have acquired an extensive know how in the field of dry blended products. Selected ingredients, constant controls and the accurate work of each of our staff are the secret for our success and our outstanding product quality.

No matter which project we shall be realising together – success never tasted better !

Existing recipes

Adaptation of existing recipes

New and special developments

Recipe characteristics


Existing recipes


Varieties like veal or poultry broth, as well as the vegetarian vegetable broth are extremely popular. Recipes with differentiated flavouring profiles like herbs, tomato, or garlic can be developed any time.


In addition to the classic choices like tomato or potato soup, our assortment does also comprise some more exotic dishes, like beetroot soup, Asian vegetable soup or Gazpacho, for example.


A wide range from dark gravy to Sauce Hollandaise and even various pestos.


Herb seasonings, meat seasonings, sweet pepper & chili spice blend and much more to round off the perfect flavour of your favourite dish.


Elaborated herb seasonings for salads and instant dressings that should never miss on any salad. Available in many variations. 


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In your

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Adaptation of existing recipes

It is possible to adapt any of the products and recipes within the successful GEFRO range just accordingly to your individual demand. For example

to cultural/country-specific taste preferences

to your own special product directives

to religious norms

to special food laws.


New and special developments

We develop your own product according to your specification. We respond flexibly and quickly to your individual requests. Our modern manufacturing machinery enables us to produce and fill even smaller lot sizes.  » Product Development


Recipe characteristics

Product Directives

Whether your products should be manufactured as conventional, organic, vegetarian, vegan or free from specific ingredients, with GEFRO SELECT FOOD you have the right partner at your side. » Development

Functional Food

Equip your products with an additional, health-promoting benefit. GEFRO SELECT FOOD  is on the cutting edge in the fields of Best Carb and metabolically optimised food. » GEFRO Balance

Trend Food

Superfood, Health Food oder Low Carb … Always up to date: We take the latest trends from the food industry right into your product range.

Ethno food

Whether it’s about your favourite dishes from home or exotic flavours from far away. GEFRO SELECT FOOD captures for you the World’s most wonderful delights and makes them available to your customers.